Cytorex technology platform of pharmacologically active low pH acidic formulations is based on decades of Professor David Martucci’s (Our CEO and Founder) research of strong and weak acids and their application in pharmaceutical uses.

Cytoreg® Description

The therapeutic agent Cytoreg® is defined as an ion based therapy derived from a perfectly balanced blend of strong and weak acids (ion balance). Is a complex of ions (electrons) at high concentrations which help regulate cell and mitochondrial metabolism.

Cytoreg®  is of low molecular weight and has a pH <1.  Cytoreg® is non-toxic at high concentrations, acts as a buffer and has 6 acids (4 inorganic and 2 organic) plus water, including hydrofluoric acid (HF), the main active compound.

Cytoreg® may  be administered orally, topically, intravenously, without affecting healthy tissue or blood pH.  Cytoreg® has therapeutic features in animals and humans, using  inorganic and organic acids which would otherwise be individually very toxic.

Additionally , Cytoreg ® is characterized by a high concentration of hydrogen ions (H +). Therefore the compound consists of a greater presence of negative ions and only one positive ion.

The technology behind Cytoreg®  is a patented invention with the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States (USPTO) .

Cytoreg® will be developed clinically as a therapeutic agent  for pathologies associated with loss of regulation of mitochondrial metabolism such as cancer in its various manifestations, Neuro Degenerative Diseases and Disorders of autoimmune origin.


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