Cytorex Biosciences, Inc.  is a privately held Florida-based Biopharma company with US patented technology to treat cancer using an approach that has never been taken before in drug development: the use of Inorganic Acids as actives.

Our lead compound is called Cytoreg® . We also have other compounds in the pipeline under development for different disease indications such as Skin Cancer, MS, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure among others.

Cytoreg® is a combination of 4 inorganic acids and 2 organic acids in water, where The Fluoride (F- ion) of  hydrofluoric acid is the active agent.

Cytoreg® will target and destroy cancer cells without affecting normal cells, hence becoming a very effective and safe product to administer to human cancer patients, since its has a very low toxicity profile.

The first indication for Cytoreg® is Glioblastoma Multiforme, a malignant brain tumor with a very low cure rate. Cytoreg® will cross the blood brain barrier due to its very low molecular weight.

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