Cytorex Biosciences, Inc. is a privately held Florida-based Biopharma company with a United States patented technology to treat cancer using an approach that has never been taken before in drug development: the use of Inorganic Acids as actives.

Technology Overview

Cytorex has developed a number of therapeutic candidates based on its US patented pharmacologically active low pH acidic technology for a wide range of disorders, including cancer and diseases of immunological origin. Cytoreg® is Cytorex’s lead drug. Preclinical studies in Glioblastoma Multiforme and other cancer cell types have demonstrated that Cytoreg® has high specificity and selectivity in targeting and inhibiting cancer growth, as well as inducing selective apoptosis. Cytoreg® has been investigated in glioma, breast, liver, lung, pancreas, pituitary, prostate and testis cancer cells, as well as primary Glioblastoma and Meningioma tumors.

In an in vitro study of Glioblastoma cell lines, over 90% cell death was observed after 48 hours of Cytoreg® exposure. Also, in a metastatic melanoma mouse model (B16-F10) studies, a 50% tumor size reduction was observed following five days of oral administration of Cytoreg®. Furthermore, preliminary toxicity studies have shown no major toxicity issues. The compound has demonstrated activity with AMPK and oxidative stress.

What is Cytoreg®

Cytoreg®, a therapeutic agent, is defined as an ion therapy using a perfectly balanced mixture of strong and weak acids (ion equilibrium). Cytoreg® is a complex carrier of ions (electrons) in high concentrations which allows for the regulation of mitochondrial and cellular metabolism.

Cytoreg® has low molecular weight and an undiluted pH <1. Cytoreg® is non-toxic at high concentrations, acts as a buffer and is made of 6 acids (4 inorganic, and 2 organic) diluted in water, where inorganic Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) is the main active compound.

Cytoreg® can be administered by oral, topical and intravenous route, without affecting healthy tissue or blood pH. Cytoreg® achieves Pharmacological / Therapeutic use in animals and humans using inorganic and organic acids which are usually toxic. Cytoreg® does not alter blood pH. Cytoreg® has low or no toxicity.

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