Cytorex Biosciences, Inc. is a privately held research and development biotechnology company headquartered in Florida with research and development coordination in Texas. Cytorex owns the intellectual property of the Cytoreg® chemical technology platform, which is the result of decades of research by Prof. David Martucci, co-founder of Cytorex Biosciences Inc. The corporation has new patents pending and is developing new ones. The focus is on the use of ions and salts of acids, in the form of ions as active compounds for therapeutic treatments of cancer pathologies. The focus of Cytorex is to bring to the market a novel ionic therapeutic agent for the treatment of brain tumors of the Glioblastoma Multiforme -GBM type. In addition, the corporation has other R&D windows open regarding the development of agents for the treatment of pathologies other than cancer.

Technology Overview

Through this chemical technology platform, Cytorex Biosciences Inc., developed the therapeutic agent Cytoreg®, an ionic therapy for pharmacological use and based on the use of strong and weak acids with their salts, in formulations for pharmaceutical application. Cytorex Biosciences Inc. has worked on the development of new patents that have allowed the combination of salts that complement the initial technology of using acids.

Preclinical studies, both in In-Vivo and In-Vitro models of Glioblastoma Multiforme -GBM brain tumors, have demonstrated the therapeutic efficacy of Cytoreg®. This ionic therapy has also demonstrated in these preclinical models’ low toxicity, selectivity to attack and inhibit the growth of brain tumor cells by inducing cancer cell death by apoptosis as a central mechanism. Other mechanisms of action of the ionic therapeutic agent are still under investigation, such as increasing blood oxygenation inducing changes in the hypoxic or oxygen-poor environment in which neoplastic cells survive and regulating mitochondrial activity.

So, What is Cytoreg®

Cytoreg® is an ionic therapeutic technology and at the same time, it is a therapeutic agent, which allows to obtain other different agents for pharmaceutical use. It consists of a complex transporter of ions (anions and cations) in high concentrations in the blood fluid, which regulates mitochondrial and cellular metabolism. It is a therapeutic-ionic agent of low molecular weight and low toxicity at high concentrations

It can be administered orally, topically and intravenously, without affecting healthy tissues or blood pH, which gives it the versatility to be used in the treatment of cancer pathologies in human and veterinary patients.