Prof. David J. Martucci

Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer

Prof. Martucci received his university degree in chemistry from the Sarría Institute (Barcelona, Spain), and an industrial chemistry degree from the Industrial Chemical Institute (Caracas, Venezuela) followed by an academic career and industrial R&D career primarily in the oil/refinery fields with Moron Refinery, Nitroven, Laboquim (all Venezuela), BIOCIDE (USA), Inquivenca, and Damar Chemical (both Venezuela). Based on the results of his research work in the field of strong acids and their application in pharmaceutical uses, Prof. Martucci co-founded Cytorex.

William J. Jimenez, MBA

Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jimenez holds an economics degree from the University of Zulia, and an MBA in marketing from the University Rafael Urdaneta (both Maracaibo, Venezuela). Mr. Jimenez’s professional and managerial experience includes various areas in the Venezuelan oil industry (PDV). He then became CEO of a Beer wholesale distribution company from 1994 to 1998. In 1998 he founded his own marketing, advertising and public relations firm (Color Express). Currrently Mr. Jimenez is the CEO of Globalquimica International Inc. (Oil &Gas) and CEO of Global Telecom Inc. (Technology). Mr. Jimenez is a co-founder of Cytorex.

Carlos M. Garcia, MEIE

Director, Treasurer, Secretary, and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Garcia holds a B.S. degree in military science from the Venezuelan Military Academy (Caracas, Venezuela), as well as a B.S. and a Master’s degree in industrial engineering, both from Texas A&M University. Mr. Garcia worked as a commissioned officer in the Army Corps of Engineering. Management positions followed with the Ven-Mex Group in logistics, and as a securities and futures broker. He was the co-founder of Invernet Capital and of FCX Futures. Mr. Garcia also co-started an internet service provider (ISP) in 1996 which was later sold in 1998 to a USA based company for cash and stock. Mr. Garcia has extensive teaching experience at the postgraduate level. He is a co-founder of Cytorex.

William Bauta, PhD

Scientific Counselor

Dr. Bauta holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in Organic Chemistry and Synthesis, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Loyola University, in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. Dr. Bauta has ample experience in drug discovery and development, chemical process development, and scale-up/cGMP manufacturing functions, as well as business development, strategic planning and outsourcing, technical writing (IND, CTD, NDA, patents), and regulatory affairs. His part work experience includes Sandoz Research Institute, R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Ilex Products, Inc., Genzyme Corporation, and Southwest Research Institute. Dr. Bauta is currently Senior Vice President of bioAffinity Technologies, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas.


Dr. Manzur Hassanhi, MD – Medical Coordinator

Mr. Lewis Pozo – Processes Coordinator

Mr. Eduardo Gonzalez – Projects Manager


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